Aluminum Investment Castings

The casting of Aluminum Alloys comprises the largest part of O’Fallon Casting’s business. Most common are aluminum-silicon alloys 356 / A356 / C355 / A357 / F357. Our Aluminum Castings are used extensively in the Aerospace, Defense and Medical industries

Al / SiC Metal Matrix Composite (MMC)

O’Fallon Casting is the preeminent manufacturer of Investment Cast Al/SiC Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) castings in the world today.  Although MMC’s are difficult to machine, Investment Casting produces them in Near Net Shapes that helps to minimize the machining content.

Rapid Prototype Castings

Small quantities of prototype castings can be quickly manufactured by O’Fallon Casting, directly from a Customer supplied CAD file. Rapid Prototype Castings may fit a customer needs for:

  • Reduced Time-to-Market
  • Design Mock-up and Error proofing
  • Qualification
  • Low Rate Manufacturing

O’Fallon Casting Rapid Prototypes exhibit the superior attributes of fine surface finish and dimensional precision as a part produced by hard tooling. Should you have an urgent requirement for small quantities of metal parts, contact O’Fallon Casting to learn more of how Rapid Prototype castings can best fill that need.

Complete To Print

Do you need something more than just a raw casting?  O’Fallon Casting offers a wide range of post cast services, allowing our customers to bypass the supply chain and buy a completed product!

As part of its Complete to Print Service, O’Fallon Casting will engage and administrate sub-tier purchase orders with qualified subcontractors to perform any necessary secondary operations including:

  • Machining
  • EDM
  • Coatings
  • Assembly
  • Product Testing

O’Fallon Casting assures that the quality and delivery of its Turnkey products are compliant to the requirements of its customer contract.

Design For Manufacture (DFM)

The effective design of Investment Castings requires a specialized expertise. To provide our customers with that expertise O’Fallon Casting has established a Design for Manufacture Service. DFM is most effective in the early stages of design process to assure the ‘first time best design” and to avoid any designed-in costs. Learn more here:

Solidification Modeling

Solidification software offers foundry engineers a way to simulate the thermal conditions that occur during the investment casting process and develop a gating and assembly technique that produces a compliant part in the most economical manner.

Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography captures an X-ray image digitally, removing film from the equation and simplifying the storage and retrieval process.

Tool Design & Construction

With a team of Tooling Engineers and Toolmakers, along with several high quality outside vendors, O'Fallon Casting is fully capable of developing all of the tooling required for our investment casting process.

Digital Product Definition (DPD)

To reduce the time and cost of bringing new parts to market, customers increasingly are purchasing investment castings to their Digital Product Definition. In doing so, Customers forgo the time consuming task of delineating part features onto a fully dimensioned, 2-D drawing

Non-Contact Inspection

Inspection equipment has greatly advanced in the past 30 years from scribe lines and height gages to CMM and Renishaw touch probes.

Non-Contact inspection, utilizing a handheld laser scanner is part of O’Fallon Casting’s Digital Product Definition capability, allowing a casting to be inspected relative to the customer supplied solid model.

Non-Contact inspection is less expensive yet highly accurate, providing infinitely more inspection information than by traditional point-inspection methods.