Solidification Modeling

Solidification software offers foundry engineers a way to simulate the thermal conditions that occur during the investment casting process and develop a gating and assembly technique that produces a compliant part in the most economical manner.  Solidification modeling allows the foundry to experiment with different assemblies and gating prior to actually running the parts, which eliminates the need for expensive and time consuming trial and error.  Using the customer supplied CAD model of the casting and our own CAD models of the assemblies. The software is able to simulate the shell building and casting processes.

These simulations provide the foundry with a massive amount of information, including:

  • Filling Temperature
  • Fraction Solid
  • Shrinkage Porosity
  • Hot Spots
  • Voids
  • Material Age
  • Flow cut-off
  • Thermal Modulus
  • Dendrite Arm Spacing
  • Duration of Eutectic Formation
  • Many more outputs

O'Fallon Casting has been using ProCAST for its solidification modeling for many years and continues to use it on new or trouble jobs as needed.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact your Sales Engineer for a demonstration.