O'Fallon Casting's facility is located in O'Fallon, Missouri near St Louis.
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O'Fallon Casting was presented with the Aerospace Award for the 2021 Investment Casting of the Year contest at the Investment Casting Institute fall meeting in Grand Rapid's, MI.

In 2020, O'Fallon Casting added two new 4-Axis Vertical Machining Centers, along with a 5-Axis Machine Center, to it's Tool Manufacturing department.  This greatly enhanced the company's in-house machining capabilities, reducing the need for outside vendors.

For the fourth year in a row O’Fallon Casting participated in the St. Charles County Manufacturing Day at St. Charles Community College held on October 1st, 2019. Manufacturing Day helps to introduce the workforce of tomorrow to career and training opportunities in the manufacturing fields.

Technical Articles

How big is .005 Inch?  In everyday life it is very small.  In the world of cast products these are amazingly tight tolerances especially when you consider that Investment Castings are manufactured without the need of a draft allowance.

The DOD “Better Buying Power” objective as stated by Dr. Carter, is to procure the goods and services needed by the country’s Warfighters within the constraints of Congressional Budget and the overwhelming need to upgrade and replace equipment currently in the field. 

Many confuse the word “Affordability” with the word “Price”.  They are not the same and there are quite a large number of articles available that are devoted to defining Affordability.  The short rendition, however, is that Affordability equates to the total cost of ownership.


As a premier manufacturer of investment castings, O’Fallon Casting holds itself to the very highest of standards.

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With a team of Tooling Engineers and Toolmakers, along with several high quality outside vendors,...

O'Fallon Casting's Laser Marking provides its customers with a new option for a consistently legible,...

Digital Radiography captures an X-ray image digitally, removing film from the equation and simplifying the...