Digital Product Definition (DPD)

To reduce the time and cost of bringing new parts to market, customers increasingly are purchasing investment castings to their Digital Product Definition. In doing so, Customers forgo the time consuming task of delineating part features onto a fully dimensioned, 2-D drawing.

To companies unaccustomed to working with Digital Product Definition (DPD), the technology can present significant challenges. However, O’Fallon Casting, at the forefront of the digital age, possesses the systems and capabilities needed to quote, tool, manufacture and inspect DPD products.

Key to O’Fallon Casting’s DPD capability is its ability to Laser Scan a finished part and to inspect the generated solid model to the customer original. The resultant inspection can readily be transmitted to a customer for verification with O’Fallon Casting supplied software.

Production of Rapid Prototype Castings, from Digital Product Definition data, is a natural application for the technology, and also a core competence of O’Fallon Casting.