The O’Fallon Casting Advantage

Excellence Transparent

O’Fallon Casting is a world recognized leader in the manufacture of nonferrous investment castings.  It has been recognized for its excellence by the receipt of a U.S. Small Business Administration “Subcontractor of the Year” Award.  As a member of both the Investment Casting Institute and the American Foundry Society O’Fallon Casting has been honored as the winner of a “Casting of the Year” Award from each.  These significant distinctions reflect of the vision, culture and capabilities of O’Fallon Casting.  However, there are more material advantages available to the customers of O’Fallon Casting other than knowing that they are associated with a World-Class supplier:

O’Fallon Casting is Customer Driven: OFC’s mission goes beyond delivering “good parts on time” but also to delighting its customers every time with prompt and professional service.  As a small company operating in a small international market O’Fallon Casting strives to earn the loyalty of its customers and to become their preferred choice for investment castings.

O’Fallon Casting is an Engineering Company:  OFC’s philosophy is that when customers are pleased by their casting designs that they will be inclined to design more of them.  All of OFC’s Customer Points of Contact are degreed engineers that will quickly answer technical questions or provide feedback on new designs.  O’Fallon Casting also works collaboratively with its customer engineers through its Concurrent Engineering Service to help optimize their casting designs.

The O’Fallon Casting University:  The OFCU is a free educational resource available to customers of O’Fallon Casting.  Over the past four years O’Fallon Casting has taught more than 900 customer engineers with these offerings.

  • IC-101 – a three hour class taught at customer locations on the Principles and Considerations of Investment Casting Design.
  • IC-201 – a three day class held at O’Fallon Casting on the basics of Investment Casting Manufacture.

O’Fallon Casting Website Resources:  The O’Fallon Casting website contains a library of free technical information for its customers.  The site is populated with both a downloadable Design Guide and a series of technical articles that offer engineering design tips or that expand on industry related topics.  The site is continuously being updated with new information for OFC customers.

O’Fallon Casting is Expanding Design Options:  Over the past several years OFC has introduced three significant alloys to the market that provide Engineers with new options to making their designed products better:

  • Metal Matrix Composite alloys enhance lightweight aluminum with improved mechanical property attributes for stiffness, vibration dampening, wear resistance, high thermal conductivity and a low coefficient of thermal expansion.
  • A20X high property aluminum is the world’s strongest commercially available aluminum alloy.
  • IC100 is OFC’s investment cast version of Materion Corporation’s ToughMet® family of copper-nickel-tin-bronze alloys.  IC100 makes available the stiffness, strength and lubricity of ToughMet in configurations cast to near-net-shape.

O’Fallon Casting an Industry Leader:  OFC is an innovative modern, high-technology foundry and a recognized industry leader.  O’Fallon Casting’s expertise is an industry source for published articles, technical papers and is sought often as event speakers.  O’Fallon Casting practices an “open door” policy and frequently provides tours to display its technology to customers, university students, civic leaders or to fellow industry professionals.

OFC invests heavily with its Customers to forward our mutual success. O’Fallon Casting represents so much more value in a supply chain than simply “good parts on time, every time”.

For more information or if you have interest in becoming part of the O’Fallon Casting family of customers, speak with an OFC’s Sales Engineer or reference some of these related blogs: