Laser Engraved Part Marking


O’Fallon Casting provides its customers with a better alternative and consistently legible option for the application of variable part marking information on castings:  Laser Engraved Part Marking.    This OFC technology eliminates customer complaints and rejections of castings for poor legibility of manually applied vibro-peened or ink stamped part marking.

O’Fallon Casting’s  Laser Engraved Part Marking provides a .0001 – .0003” deep permanent marking that eliminates the variability of manually applied marking and replaces traditional techniques such as ink stamping, vibro-peening or electrochemical etching.  Although not intended to replace “personal” ink stamps, such as Inspection Stamps, Laser Engraved Part Marking is a versatile technology for marking a cast surface with variable product information such as Melt & Heat Treat lot numbers, Part Serialization, or even a 2D Matrix barcode.

Laser Engraved Part Marking is recognized in standard marking specificationsMIL-STD-130 (Table II) and AS478 (15A).

To eliminate a needless cause of Customer Dissatisfaction, O’Fallon Castingencourages Engineers to specify Laser Engraved Part Marking as a part marking option for the marking of variable information on their castings.

For more information about Laser Engraved Part Marking contact your O’Fallon Casting Sales Engineer.