O'Fallon Casting's facility is located in O'Fallon, Missouri near St Louis.
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O'Fallon Casting participated in the Aeromart Montreal conference on April 4th-6th, held by BCI Aerospace.

The first phase of O’Fallon Casting’s 25,000 sq. ft. expansion is currently in progress.  The expansion is on schedule to be fully completed by the summer of 2018.

O'Fallon Casting publishes it's final newsletter of 2016!

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OFC invests heavily with its Customers to forward our mutual success.  O’Fallon Casting represents so much more value in a supply chain than simply “good parts on time, every time”.

Investment Casting-201 is a three day class taught at O’Fallon Casting on the basics of Investment Casting manufacture.  An IC-201 class provides an introduction to all of the investment casting manufacturing operations and includes hands-on experience with pattern injection, sprue assembly, gate grinding, straightening, radiography and penetrant inspection.  In addition IC-201 “students” receive 3-hours of classroom work, participate in a collaborative engineering workshop and are exposed to toolmaking, solidification modeling and defect analysis.

For most foundry processes the commonly accepted standard for the nondestructive testing is SAE International specification AMS 2175.  Although better known for delineating the frequency and inspection criteria for Radiography, Magnetic Particle and Penetrant Inspection, AMS 2175 also devotes substantial sections to quantifying the standards for Visual inspection. 


As a premier manufacturer of investment castings, O’Fallon Casting holds itself to the very highest of standards.

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