Investment Casting 201

O’Fallon Casting’s “Investment Casting – 201” is a three day class that is structured to provide an in-depth exposure to the Investment Casting process. IC-201 is held at O’Fallon Casting and combines “hands on” foundry experiences with three hours of class material. IC-201 is a natural follow-on to O’Fallon Casting’s IC-101 and is intended to increase the depth-of-knowledge of customer Designers, Engineers, Quality Engineers and Procurement personnel.

The limited class size of IC-201 allows each customer “student” to fully experience each of the foundry elements including:

  • Pattern Injection
  • Sprue Assembly
  • Gate Grinding
  • Welding
  • Straightening
  • Penetrant Inspection
  • Radiography Metrology (including Laser Scanning)
  • Laser Marking
  • Chemical Spectography
  • Tensile & Hardness Testing


Classroom material presented includes:

  • Safety
  • Foundry terminology
  • Cost drivers
  • Design considerations
  • Defect analysis - cause & corrective action
  • Concurrent engineering workshop


O’Fallon Casting will tailor each IC-201 experience to fit the specific needs of that class. To learn more about IC-201 contact your O’Fallon Casting Sales Engineer.