Compression Straightening

Dimensional distortion of a casting, especially of thinner walled configurations, can occur as a result of the normal processing of the part. A mechanical straightening operation is then needed to restore and assure the dimensional integrity of a casting. The straightening of a simple configuration, in lower volumes often can be readily accomplished by a skilled operator with a hammer and fixtures. For the more complex, higher volume, or more tightly tolerance castings, O’Fallon Casting recommends that customers take advantage of its Compression Straightening technology. The Compression Straightening technology simultaneously straightens all part features into their correct position through the use of a custom Press-Fixture and a 500-Ton press. The dimensional control and consistency of a Compression Straightened casting is superior to a manually straightened part. As a result, the cost and yields of secondary machining improves because of the reduced part-to-part and lot-to-lot variation. With its Compression Straightening technology, O’Fallon Casting is well prepared to manufacture to the most challenging casting tolerances such as those of the Optics or Microwave markets. So if you have the need for Aluminum, Brass, Bronze or Al/SiC MMC Investment Castings, O’Fallon Casting has the technology to help.