Brass & Bronze Alloys

Brasses are copper-based metals that contain zinc as the principle alloying element. Other elements, such as iron, aluminum, nickel, and silicon are alloyed in brass to enhance certain properties. The four main types of the brass and bronze cast alloys are:

  • Copper-Tin-Zinc alloys
  • Manganese Bronze alloys
  • Leaded Manganese bronze
  • Copper-Zinc-Silicon alloys


Commonly cast brasses at O'Fallon Casting include C874 Silicon Brass and C854 Yellow Brass. C874 Silicon Brass is more fluid than most other copper based alloys and is readily cast into shapes or thin walls serving as an ideal choice for general applications. Alternatively, C854 is a popular choice for "ornamental" castings because of its yellow color.

Bronze alloys are copper based materials that are combined with tin. Bronze alloys resist corrosion and metal fatigue more than steel and are better conductors of heat and electricity. Of the bronze alloys, the aluminum bronzes (C954 & C955) are popular because they are heat treatable to high tensile strengths. C954 is more castable and thus preferred by foundries. C955, on the other hand, contains 4% nickel and can be heat treated to higher strengths than C954.

IC100 ToughMet® (AMS 4863) is O'Fallon Casting's investment cast version of Materion's ToughMet, a copper-nickel-tin bronze. ToughMet is well known for its high strength, stiffness, lubricity, and corrosion resistance. IC100 ToughMet provides these superior material qualities but cast in complex and near-net-shapes.

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