O’Fallon Casting Intern, Taylor Thornhill, has been presented with a $2500 Scholarship by the Investment Casting Institute. 

O'Fallon Casting Awarded ICI – Aerospace Casting of the Year

O’Fallon Casting announces that it has been licensed by Aeromet International PLC to manufacture castings in its patented high strength A20X /A205 / AMS 4471 aluminum alloy.

O'Fallon Casting Donates Storage System to City Police Department

O'Fallon Casting Participates in ADSS – Seattle 2014

O'Fallon Casting's tremendous growth is chronicled in the January 2014 issue of Modern Casting

O’Fallon Casting hosts the Missouri Department of Economic Development

Metal Casting Design and Purchasing features article written by Ben Galmiche in it's December 2013 Issue

O'Fallon Casting is a now a Corporate Member of the American Foundry Society.

O’Fallon Casting recognized with Flag of Freedom award from Missouri Governor Nixon