PRESS RELEASE – A20X / A205 / AMS 4471


O’Fallon Casting, an Investment Casting company located at 600 Cannonball Lane in O’Fallon, Missouri (USA), announces that it has been licensed by Aeromet International PLC to manufacture castings in its patented high strength A20X /A205 / AMS 4471 aluminum alloy.

Alloy 205 is based on the aluminium copper alloy system, an alloy system which historically has been extremely susceptible to casting defects such as; shrinkage pore formation, segregation and hot tearing. These castability issues have severely limited the widespread integration of aluminium copper based alloys into current designs.  Aeromet International has been able to control the aforementioned castability issues through fundamental alterations to the solidification and feeding mechanisms operating in the alloy. These fundamental alterations to the alloy solidification mechanisms result in vastly improved resistance to the typical cast defects. Not only is there an elimination of the macro defects inherent to the aluminium copper alloy system but there is also an elimination of micro-shrinkage type defects typically observed in the more foundry friendly aluminium silicon alloy system.

Design Standards are available for 205-T7.  The FAA added 205-T7 to the MMPDS in 2013.  SAE International has issued specification AMS 4471A for the Investment Casting of 205-T7 alloy with minimum physical properties that significantly exceed those of other Investment Cast aluminum alloys: