O'Fallon Casting Introduces IC100 ToughMet®


O’Fallon Casting is pleased to introduce a new cast alloy:  IC100 ToughMet.  This copper-nickel-tin bronze alloy provides engineers with a new design option for instances of metal-on-metal wear that require high material strength, stiffness, and lubricity.  The SAE International has issued specification AMS 4863 for IC100 ToughMet.

ToughMet is a product of Materion in the form of rod, plate, and tubing.  IC100 now delivers the highly desirable attributes of a wrought ToughMet for complex and near-net-shape cast configurations.  IC100 provides engineers additional freedom to design cast components from ToughMet that:

  • Reduce the need for secondary machining
  • Combine multiple components into single piece castings
  • Reduce the mass of components
  • Require complex shapes or internalized features


ToughMet is a spinodal-hardened bronze alloy with a unique combination of stiffness, strength, and lubricity that improves the reliability and performance of components under load. For example, ToughMet bushings may last three to five times longer in the field than equivalent steel bushing do.  ToughMet is ideal in demanding applications such as bushings, aircraft landing gear, airfoil controls, or other instances that require:

  • High strength and stiffness to handle heavy loads and stresses
  • Very low friction and minimal wear
  • Corrosion resistance
  • High galling resistance for movement of parts
  • Excellent machinability


ToughMet exhibits stable properties over a wide range of temperatures and operates safely for an extended period of time in the event of lubrication failure.  ToughMet does not contain lead, beryllium, or other hazardous materials.

ToughMet® is a registered trademark of Materion Corporation.