November / December 2014 Metal Casting


The November / December 2014 issue of Metal Casting Design & Purchasing magazine includes an article about the “Investment Casting Metal Matrix Composites.  The article was co-written by O’Fallon Casting’s Sales Manager, Bruce Willson, in collaboration with former Hitchiner Manufacturing Co., Inc. executive, Paul Mikkola. 

Lightweight Aluminum / Silicon Carbide Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) alloys possess very desirable properties for stiffness, strength, wear resistance, vibration dampening, low coefficient of thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity.  MMC alloy castings are employed in many diverse products such as high speed manufacturing equipment for manufacturing, brake rotors for vehicles, heat sinks for electronics and housings and mirrors for optics.

The article describes the science behind and the customizable nature of the properties of MMC alloys that is attained by varying the proportions of Aluminum and Silicon Carbide particulates.  It also details the advantages of the Investment Casting process and the basic design considerations for their manufacture. 

O’Fallon Casting has been investment casting MMC alloys in 20%, 30% and 40% concentrations of Silicon Carbide since the 1990’s.  Please see O’Fallon Casting’s Brochure Insert “Aluminum / Silicon Carbide Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) Alloys” for additional information.

Read the full magazine article here.