ICI – Aerospace Casting of the Year 2014


O’Fallon Casting’s entry has been recognized as the “Aerospace Casting of the Year in the Investment Casting Institute’s 2014 Casting Contest”.  The announcement was made by the ICI at the Institute’s 61st Technical Conference and Expo in Covington, Kentucky. 

O’Fallon Castings Entry was a prototype of an aluminum alloy chassis for an aircraft power distribution system.  O’Fallon Casting proposed that this Investment Casting supersede an existing Dip Brazed part in a current application. 

O’Fallon Casting manufactured this highly complex frame from a SLA Pattern of a CAD model derived from the dip brazed assembly.  The 18” x 8” x 5.5” configuration is composed of thin (.05”) flat members and weighs little more than one pound.  O’Fallon Casting demonstrated through this prototype that Investment Casting, with its superior stiffness and dimensional stability, offers a better manufacturing solution for this Chassis. 

The ICI holds it’s Casting Contest each year to recognize foundries which manufacture components that best illustrate and promote the benefits and flexibility of the investment casting process.