Where are you located?
O’Fallon Casting is a 25 minute drive west from St. Louis Lambert International Airport along Interstate 70 to O’Fallon. Our facility is located on the corner of Cannonball Lane and East Terra Lane (the north outer road) between Interstate 70 Exits 220 (Mo 79 – Elsberry / Louisiana) and 219 (TR Hughes). OFC can be spotted from Interstate 70 near the large white “O’Fallon” water tower and neighboring “Rothman’s Furniture” store & warehouse.
What is Investment Casting?
Investment Casting is a foundry process by which a metal part is produced from a ceramic (investment) mold that has been formed by a disposable (wax or plastic) pattern.
What size of casting can you make?
Most of the castings that we produce would fit inside a 12 inch cube, however, we can cast as large as 20+ inches in one axis. The process itself is not limited in size and can produce castings as large as desk tables.