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The Investment Casting process provides two main cost benefits to its customers.  First is its Near-Net-Shape capability that stems from the dimensional precision of the process and that no draft angle is required.  Secondly the Investment Casting process provides an ability to combine multiple pieces into a One-Piece structure with few design constraints and without a major impact to cost.

O’Fallon Casting has published its first “Investment Casting Design Guide” which is now available for free download on the OFC Website

It is a well-known axiom that 70% – 90% of the cost of a product is the result of design decisions.  Although we might debate as to the preciseness of this estimation the fact remains that design is key element to the manufacturability, availability, reliability and overall affordability of any manufactured product.

O’Fallon Casting had the pleasure of addressing both the American Foundry Society’s Metalcasting Supply Chain Summit and Metalcasting Design Summit held in Chicago on February 3rd and 4th.

The particulate Silicon Carbide reinforcement in Aluminum Alloy Metal Matrix Composite enhances this lightweight material with improved mechanical property attributes for stiffness, vibration dampening, wear resistance, high thermal conductivity, and low coefficient of thermal expansion.

For the third time in six years, O’Fallon Casting was recognized in 2014 by the Investment Casting Institute with their “Aerospace Casting of the Year” award. 

Aeromet International PLC has overcome this obstacle with development of a truly castable 200-Series alloy, A20X, widely regarded as the strongest commercially available cast aluminum alloy in the market today.

The Sales Engineering team at O’Fallon Casting acts as the primary point of contact between the business and its customers. Because of this, it is critical that all of the technical and quality requirements of customer products are understood by each Sales Engineer.

One sometimes overlooked aspect of part design is the High Cost of Part Count, that unintended cost for NOT combining the assembled features of a system into a single piece structure.

Investment Casting is a foundry process known for producing highly accurate, near-net-shape, castings.  Once known as the “Lost Wax” process, much as Sand Castings are produced from sand molds, and Die Castings are manufactured from metal dies, Investment Casting derives its name from its ceramic molding material that is known as “Investment”.