Introducing IC100 ToughMet®


ToughMet® is a popular copper-nickel-bronze alloy that is available from Materion Corporation in the form of wrought plate, sheet, rod, wire, and tubing.  ToughMet has many highly desirable material properties that have made it a successful selection for rigorous applications such as bushings that are subjected to heavy loads.  ToughMet is a strong, stiff, corrosion resistant, and galling resistant bronze alloy.  It possesses the additional attributes of being very low friction and resistant to wear.

For example, ToughMet bushings may last three to five times longer than equivalent steel bushings do.  In addition, ToughMet exhibits stable properties over a wide range of temperatures and contains no lead, beryllium, or other hazardous materials.

Over the course of four years, metallurgical engineers from Materion and O’Fallon Casting collaborated to develop a cast ToughMet alloy that could provide these same characteristics in the form of investment cast shapes.  The result was O’Fallon Casting’s IC100 ToughMet.  SAE International has issued AMS 4863specification for IC100.

Investment casting is versatile and a cost effective foundry process for the manufacturing of accurate, near-net-shape cast parts that minimize the need for secondary machining and can reduce the part count of engineered assemblies.  With IC100, O’Fallon Casting can now manufacture cast configurations from ToughMet that are difficult or impossible to machine from wrought stock.  Moreover, investment casting holds the promise for combining multiple components into single piece castings.

As of today, the attributes of Materion’s ToughMet bronze are now available from investment cast IC100 through O’Fallon Casting.

For additional information please refer to the ToughMet page available on the Materion website.

ToughMet® is a registered trademark of Materion Corporation.