AFS Metalcasting Supply Chain & Design Summits


O’Fallon Casting had the pleasure of addressing both the American Foundry Society’s Metalcasting Supply Chain Summit and Metalcasting Design Summit held in Chicago on February 3rd and 4th.  The AFS held these two Summits as a vehicle to update users of cast metal products as to the State of the Industry and to learn of innovation within the industry.  The two summits also provided forums for Industry Experts to interact with the Supply Chain and Engineering Professionals in roundtable discussions of pertinent issues such as Lead Times, Casting Conversions, and Specifications.

At the Metalcasting Supply Chain Summit O’Fallon Casting presented a paper entitled:  “Cost Factors of Aluminum Investment Castings”.  This presentation provided an overview of the Investment Casting process, summed the major issues as regard to cost and suggested ways that users might optimize the value in their cast metal products.

At the Metalcasting Design Summit O’Fallon Casting presented a paper entitled:  “The Role of the Design Engineer in the Supply Chain”.  The paper argued that 70% – 90% of Product Cost is the result of Design Decisions and demonstrated how effective casting design can reduce  the Part Count and thus the cost of secondary machining and assembly operations in their engineered products.  This point was reinforced with an analysis of the exquisite casting design ofO’Fallon Casting’s AFS/MCDP “2013-Casting of the Year”.